Orphaned LS5 Equipment

These may be build sheets, Protect-O-Plates, bills-of-sale, engine blocks w/ partial VINs, etc. found in the wrong car or a forgotten drawer, shoebox or garage and the person in possession of the item is looking for the owner of the car. The LS5 Registry will act as a go-between only. If you think you have the car that one of these items belongs to, contact me with your name & email address and I will forward that to the person that has the item. How you and the person having the item resolve the issue is strictly between the two of you. Hopefully you can provide enough proof to show the item is for your car and retrieve this treasure.

* December 29, 2018
Gentleman looking for any documentation for his 1970 Chevelle with LS5 VIN 136370A105056.

* November 18, 2018
Gentleman has some documentation (window sticker, bill of sale, and car dealer invoice) for 1971 Baltimore-built LS5 Chevelle, B163134, seeking current owner.

* March 3, 2018
Gentleman has 1971 GMC Sprint SP454 searching for original engine and transmission - VIN sequence 101451.

* January 11, 2016
Gentleman has two LS5 4-speed blocks looking for car owner. Partial VINs are 10A121807 and 10R210435.

* December 1, 2015
Gentleman has LS5 engine and is looking for the current car's owner.  Partial VIN would be 10K165790.

* September 19, 2015
Gentleman is looking for his original LS5 engine.  Partial VIN would be 10K134225.

* October 2, 2014
Gentleman looking for his previously owned 1971 lime green LS5 with VIN 136371R154816; has original window sticker.

* June 27, 2014
Gentleman looking for original LS5 engine and any paperwork for his 1971 Chevelle, sequence number L108714

* June 30, 2013
Gentleman looking for past owner of his current 1970 Atlanta LS5, especially build sheet or other documentation and owner history - 136370A167594. REMOVED 7/9/2013

 * March 1, 2013
Gentleman looking for original LS5 engine and M22 transmission for his 1971 Chevelle, sequence number B119503

* October 6, 2011
Gentleman is looking for current owner of his old car, a 1970 LS5 with VIN 136370A125743.

* June 22, 2011
Gentleman with current LS5 registered is looking for any past owners to document history of car, VIN 136370B160250.

* April 4, 2011
Gentleman has M22 transmission for Chevelle with VIN #10A131768 or 9 and Muncie code P0A14C looking for car owner.

* February 2, 2010
Gentleman looking for information on the history of his 1970 LS5 Chevelle, VIN 136370R242029.

* October 17, 2009
Gentleman looking for original 454 engine and 4-speed transmission with partial VIN stamping of 2B513030.

* June 4, 2009
Gentleman has LS5 engine block dated/coded T1208CRQ (LS5 w/TH400) with partial VIN stamping of 101529413 (Oshawa).

* June 4, 2009
Gentleman has LS5 build sheet for 1970 Monte Carlo looking for owner, VIN #138570L133719.

* April 24, 2009
Gentleman has LS5 block from 1972 full-size or Corvette looking for owner. Block is casting #3999289 and dated L871 (December 8, 1971).  Block is date stamped T1210CRW and has partial VIN #12S177522.