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International 1970~1972 Chevelle/Monte Carlo LS5 Registry

LS5 REGISTRY  - All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to the documentation, preservation and history of
the LS5 Chevelle/Monte Carlo

LS5 REGISTRY  - All Rights Reserved
Previous LS5 Registry Registrant with photo
October 9, 2016
LS5 REGISTRY  - All Rights Reserved
Newest LS5 Registry Registrant with photo
October 31, 2016

Anyone with a documented RPO LS5 Chevelle/Monte Carlo is encouraged to submit the data requested on the contact form. No owner's name, address, or email account will be published unless they so desire. All personal data of this type will be kept in a database. Anyone requesting such data will have their request forwarded to the current owner on file. If they wish to respond, it will be up to the owner. I will only pass along the request. The LS5 Registry is dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of these cars.

Just a few of the LS5 Chevelles registered

Data presented in the tables are to assist in verifying the sales point of origin, colors, and transmission type for the LS5 Chevelles/Monte Carlos from a given plant and not to validate or authenticate a specific vehicle. Where applicable, and with consent from the present owner, his/her name will be noted. If the owner dos not wish to be known, their personal information will remain on file with the LS5 Registry for future use and correspondence and will not be publicly released.

Chevelles in this registry have been known to be sold by dealers referencing them being in this registry. While this is often true (if they were not registered I would certainly call them out on it), they sometimes are decieved by their consigned sellers, stretch the truth a bit or don't tell the full story. If you are considering buying a Chevelle that's advertised for sale and the seller notes it is in the registry and you have questions, please do not hesitate to write me with any questions. I may not have a lot of answers you're looking for but I may have. I'm sure if you're willing to spend the $75,000 - $125,000 many of these cars command, you'll want to do your research.

1970 Chevelle LS5 Certificate of Registration1971 Chevelle LS5 Certificate of Registration1972 Chevelle LS5 Certificate of Registration
LS5 Certificate of Registration available

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Have or need paperwork or parts for your LS5? The Orphan page may help. Not a page to sell LS5 items as such but rather this section is to reunite paperwork or parts with the car.

Update 11/15/2015: Only those LS5 Chevelles that are documented and have been registered by an ownerwill be listed. Listings are also changed to reflect date of registry entry.

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